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16 Inspiring DIY Water Garden Ideas

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By Lucy Pitts, Garden Enthusiast

There’s nothing more soothing and relaxing than the presence and sound of gently running water. Whether you have a tiny back yard, just a balcony or have a huge garden, there are hundreds of different water garden ideas you can adapt in order to bring that something special to your garden.

Remember, you will need to keep the water fresh otherwise it will stagnate so visit your local garden centre and ask them about what filters and pumps you may need. Make sure you are using the water wisely! You may be amazed by what you can create with what they have.

Meanwhile, here are our top 16 Inspiring Water Garden Ideas:

1. Let’s Start Small 

Use a terracotta or clay planter to create a miniature water feature. Any size will do so long as it’s water tight. You can plant water grasses or small water lilies to enhance your display.

2. A Clear Container

Clear container's of any size is another good starting point so that you can see your underwater world. You might want to enjoy your submerged planting or add some fish for extra interest.

3. Turn Your Rockery into a Waterfall

Add in staged levels so that water tumbles off each one or just have water falling down from the top.

Image Credit: Sheffield Paving

4. The Good Old Garden Pond 

Is there an area of your garden that you could turn into a pond? There’s so much you can do from clever watery planting both in and around your pond to the addition of rocks and boulders.

5. Create a Stream 

You may have seen this done on TV and it’s not that hard to achieve. You’ll need a lining for the stream bed and you may need advice on how to ensure your stream meanders nicely through your garden.  Build the effect up with stones, boulders and planting to add interest and then just enjoy the gentle trickle of water.

6. A Fountain

If you’d love a fountain but think your garden is too small, think again. Create miniature fountains in planters. You’ll need a pump and some imagination but we’ve seen water cascading down from the mouth of pretty coloured bottles and a watering can.

7. Create a Watery Tower

Cleverly positioned pots can be stacked and fixed on top of one another so that the water cascades down from the top. There’s all sorts of ways you can do this and again, just ask at your garden centre for more advice.

Image Credit: Avenue Gardens

8. Slabs or Discs

Another way to create a tower is to fix slabs or discs of stones on top of one another and arrange the water so it trickles down from the top. Don’t forget to surround the base with an attractive feature too, whether it’s a mini pond or container.

9. Oriental Fountain

If you have the space and the budget, why not create a formal water feature. A rectangular shape with clean lines and a surround made of paving or wood has an oriental feel and a calming effect.

10. Rock Pools

Create your own rock pools. You could adapt an existing water feature or pond or create one from scratch. Rock pools really don’t have to be deep, and the emphasis is of course on having different size, shaped and textured rocks and stones.

Image Credit: Youtube

11. Series of Pipes

Water features don’t have to be traditional to be inspiring. Fix a series of pipes to a wall at different angles and arrange it so that the water tumbles down from one pipe to another.

12. Bird Bath

Adapt an old bird bath. It may be shallow but you can still plant in it or arrange pretty stones and you may even be able to insert a pump so that you have a mini fountain.

13. Container or Planter

Want a pond but haven’t got space? Sink a container or planter into the ground to create a miniature pond.

Image Credit: Water Features 2 Go

14. Adapt an Old External Tap 

Decorate the area around it, put a pretty container with planting beneath it. Don’t forget to work out how you’re going to pump the water so that you don’t have a flood or need the tap continually on.

15. Steps

Make use of any steps you have in your outdoor space. One clever idea we saw was watering cans on each step positioned at an angle so that water flowed from top to bottom.

Each Watering Can Pouring into the Next

16. Convert Old Beds 

If you have flower beds set within your terrace, paving or decking, can you excavate them and convert them into a calm and serene water bed instead.

Water has so many wonderful qualities and can really add a touch of magic to your garden. We’d love to know what you think of our inspirational water garden ideas. Why not share photos of your own water feature, via our social media sites, or alternatively leave a comment below. 




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