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Plant Food

Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed Lush Lawn 2 Refills
Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed Lush Lawn Food Refill is the perfect way to quickly and easily feed your lawn.
Miracle-Gro Lime 3.5kg 018153
Miracle-Gro Lime Natural Soil Improver is a fast acting soil improver that also reduces the acidity/increases the alkalinity of soils. It also helps improve...
Miracle-Gro Magnesium Salts 1.5kg 018155
Miracle-Gro Magnesium Salts Natural Source of Epsom Salts cures magnesium deficiency and makes leaves green.
Miracle-Gro Sulphate of Potash 1.5kg 018158
Miracle-Gro Sulphate of Potash Natural Fruit & Flower Enhancer is ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants.
Miracle-Gro Sulphate of Iron 1.5kg 018156
Miracle-Gro Sulphate of Iron Ericaceous Soil Conditioner prevents and cures leaf yellowing caused by iron deficiency.
Miracle-Gro Sulphate of Ammonia 1.5kg 018157
Miracle-Gro Sulphate of Ammonia Growth Booster is quick acting and can be used all around the garden to promote strong, healthy leaves.
Miracle-Gro Superphosphate 1.5kg 018154
Miracle-Gro Superphosphate Fruit & Vegetable Ripener helps plants establish quickly and is especially good in the vegetable garden.
Murphy Sequestrene Plant Tonic 016194
Murphy Sequestrene Plant Tonic soluble chelated iron tonic for acid-loving ericaceous plants.
Murphy Sequestrene Granules 016191
Murphy Sequestrene Granular Iron Tonic for acid-loving ericaceous plants.