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Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables® Sweet Pepper Seed Pod™

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By Amy Drudge, Compost Queen
Miracle-Gro Gro-ables Seed Pod Sweet Pepper™

The Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables® Sweet Pepper Seed Pod™ is an all-in-one seed pod which contains everything you need to grow your own sweet red peppers. With a coir compost, seed and 6 month controlled-release, it really is as easy as plant, water and enjoy!  The pod is 100% biodegradable releasing nutrients and allowing roots to grow freely into the soil. 

Gro-ables biodegradable

How to Plant Sweet Pepper Gro-ables®

Do not plant outside until risk of frost has passed. For an earlier harvest, start growing indoors 6-8 weeks before transplanting.

  1. Remove the lid completely
  2. Choose a sunny spot
  3. Simply push the seed pod into loosened soil or compost (growing bag or large pot filled with Miracle-Gro Enriched Compost) until the pod is level with the soil surface. DO NOT cover, the seeds are at just the right depth to grow.
  4. Space each seed pod 60cm apart
  5. Water daily, if more than one seed germinates remove all but one when they reach 5cm tall
  6. Feed every 7-14 days with Miracle-Gro® Gro Your Own Vegetable & Fruit Concentrated Liquid Plant Food when fruits are visible

Different coloured fresh picked sweet peppers in a bucket

When to Plant & Harvest Sweet Pepper Gro-ables®

Gro-ables calendar

What to Expect When Growing Sweet Pepper

Sweet pepper Gro-ables® germinate in 10-18 days.

Typically, you can begin harvesting after 75 days of growth.

How to Get a Better Crop of Sweet Pepper

Peppers originate from hot, tropical climates, so it is best to grow them in a green/glass house or in a poly tunnel.

Keeping your young plants warm and moist, will help them to grow at a good rate.

As soon as you see flowers starting to form starting feeding with a liquid plant food, ideally a tomato feed.

Refer to our useful guide on how to grow sweet peppers for additional information and useful tips.

Group of different coloured bell pepper plants growing

Common Issues

Keeping the plants in warm conditions can cause red spider mite, so make sure you mist your plants to keep them moist.

When watering, make sure this is kept to a regular routine, as sporadic watering can cause blossom end rot.

Aphids can be a problem, so check your plants on a regular basis and at the first sign, treat the plants with a insecticide that is suitable to be used on edibles.

Label Advice

Store in a cool, dry place.

Net contents: 1 Seed Pod.

Contains fertiliser, growing media and a minimum of 2 seeds.

Seed treated with antifungal agent.

Fertiliser Declaration: NPK 2.0-0.5-1.0.

Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables® Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied at the end of the growing season, send us your proof of purchase and we will send you a reimbursement.

Miracle-Gro Gro-ables Seed Pod Sweet Pepper™

Miracle-Gro Gro-ables Seed Pod Sweet Pepper™

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