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Levington® Rose, Tree & Shrub Compost

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By Steve Dalton, Chief Gardener
Levington Rose & Tree & Shrub 50L 017977

When Levington Rose, Tree & Shrub Compost is mixed with garden soil, this specially prepared combination of peat and organic recycled materials will enrich the roooting area around new plants being planted in beds and borders. It will encourage fast new root growth and quick establishment.

It is the perfect soil improver.

It contains a special combination of nutrients and water retaining agents that enable the fast rooting of roses, trees and shrubs - and just about any other plants.

Why use a rose, tree and shrub compost?

Rose, tree and shrub compost improves all soils – but particularly poor ones – to get plants off to the best possible start. It differs from standard multi purpose compost by having a lower pH level which is suited to growing a range of shrubs and plants.

Levington Rose & Tree & Shrub 50L 017977

50 Litres

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