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Composts & Growing

Levington Rose & Tree & Shrub 50L 017977
Levington Rose, Tree & Shrub Compost contains a special combination of nutrients and water retaining agents that enable fast rooting and quick...
Levington Citrus 8L 018970
Levington Citrus Compost is pH balanced to be ideal for glossy green leaves and for ensuring a long life full of flowers and fruit.
Levington Orchid 8L 018971
Levington Orchid Compost is a free draining blend of bark and peat preferred by Orchids.
Levington Ericaceous 50L 017976
Specially formulated for growing acid-loving or lime-hating plants in pots and containers.
Levington John Innes Ericaceous 25L 017314
Specially formulated for growing acid-loving or lime-hating plants.
Levington John Innes No1 25L 017310
A balanced nutrient mix for the pricking out and potting on of young plants.
Levington John Innes Seed 25L 017313
Suitable for sowing seeds and rooting cuttings. Traditional mixture of loam, peat and sand.
Levington Organic Blend Farmyard Manure 50L 017973
100% organic soil conditioner that adds humus and plant foods to the soil to naturally increase the yield
Levington Organic Blend Soil Conditioner 50L 017971
A blend of peat free composted materials to improve soil structure and drainage of clay or sandy soil.