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Composts & Growing

Levington Organic Blend Top Soil 20L 017965
A rich fertile loam-based soil with a high content of organic matter to enrich poor soils.
Levington Seed & Cutting 20L 016415
Levington Seed & Cutting Compost is a fine compost that creates the optimum conditions for seed sowing – especially for small and sensitive seeds – and for...
Levington Water Saving Decorative Bark 60L 016488
Levington Water Saving Decorative Bark reduces soil moisture loss, suppresses weeds and decorates borders and paths all at the same time.
Levington Decorative Chipped Bark 75L 012907
Longer lasting, large size chips of bark produced from renewable resources.
Levington Bonsai 8L 018964
Levington Bonsai Compost is a free draining blend of loam, sand, bark and peat with essential nutrients.
Levington Cactus 8L 018972
Levington Cactus Compost is pH balanced to provide the slightly acid environment preferred by cacti.