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Home Defence Product Range

Home Defence® product range

If you’re worried about pests in and around the home, this comprehensive range of Home Defence® products is here to help. These have been formulated to control some of the most hated home pests.

Long-lasting protection against unwanted visitors

Keep unwanted pests and animals out of the house and away from outdoor areas with Home Defence®.
Home Defence® Ant Stop! Granules are an attractive bait that ants take back to their nest to kill the whole colony.
Home Defence® Scarecrow™ protects your gardens and play areas by keeping unwanted animals out, and away from ponds.
Home Defence® Ant Stop Bait Station destroys ants and their nests with ready to use pre-baited stations - now with clip strip in the pack.

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Your home and garden should be your sanctuary; once it gets invaded by insects and critters it can feel like anything but. Home Defence® is the protection you need against ants and other insects around your home. Specially designed products can also deter other animals away from our outdoor spaces too.