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EverGreen® Enriched Lawn Soil

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By Steve Dalton, Chief Gardener
EverGreen Lawn Soil 8L 016446

EverGreen Enriched Lawn Soil is a specially formulated blend of highly organic lawn soil plus EverGreen Lawn Food to encourage thicker, greener lawns.

This multi-purpose lawn soil has a number of uses and is the perfect choice wherever and whenever you need to add soil to your lawn.

New Lawns

It is ideal for incorporating into the soil before sowing grass seed or laying turf, when you're starting a new lawn from scratch.

Good soil preparation is essential to ensure the lawn gets off to the perfect start. It will also help improve drainage and grass growing conditions, which help produce a better quality lawn and reduce problems with moss.

Improving Established Lawns

EverGreen Enriched Lawn Soil can also be incorporating into the soil when repairing worn-out areas, bare patches or damaged edges. It will help ensure the grass seed or turf establish quickly.

It can also be used as a topdressing in spring or autumn, especially after spiking or aeration, to further improve aeration and drainage and and reduce soil compaction.

It can be used to fill in any hollows.

Use it when overseeding the lawn with fresh grass seed in spring or autumn.

EverGreen Enriched Lawn Soil is a versatile and essential addition to your lawn care kit!

It is available in 2 sizes: 25 litres and a smaller, handy 8 litres.

EverGreen Lawn Soil 8L 016446

8 Litres

View Label (PDF) (252.49 KB)
EverGreen Lawn Soil 25L 012486

25 Litres

View Label (PDF) (252.49 KB)

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