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EverGreen® Lawn Repair Kit

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By Steve Dalton, Chief Gardener
EverGreen Lawn Repair Kit 1kg 017759

EverGreen Lawn Repair Kit is a 2-in-1 grass seed and lawn food kit. It is ideal for improving thin patchy areas and treating bare spots. Lawn repairs made easy!

It contains a mixture of high quality perennial ryegrasses and fescues grass seed to provide a durable, hard-wearing lawn. The varieties used are professional grade for superior results and tested by the Sports Turf Research Institute and listed in the Turfgrass seed booklet.

Trials have proved that it germinates 50% faster than some other commercial grass seeds, so repairs and improves the lawn quickly.

Our Watersmart grass technology grows strong roots for optimum water and nutrient absorption. The lawn food ensures the grass establishes quickly and gets off to the best possible start.

It can be used from March to October, but sow in spring or autumn for best germination and results.

The 1kg carton will cover an area of 20 sq.m (24 sq.yd)

EverGreen Lawn Repair Kit 1kg 017759

1kg Carton 20m2 (24yds2)

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