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Levington Product Range

Levington® product range

Over the last 50 years gardeners have trusted Levington® with their gardens and that is why we are The Professional Growers' Choice.  With a wide range of products to meet your growing needs, from bark to suppress weeds, the perfect growing media for seedlings, or planting up your pots & containers.  We also offer a specialist range of growing media for ericaceous, orchid, bonsai, cactus or citrus plants to give your plants the best head start. 




For healthy plant establishment and growth

Levington® offers a premium range of soils, soil improvers and growing media that provide high quality, expert results.
Levington® Multi Purpose Compost has a superior texture that helps plants develop stronger roots and grow healthily all around the garden.
Levington® Original Gro-bag is simple to use Gro-bag, suitable for planting juicy, tasty tomatoes and a whole range of other vegetables too.
Levington® Water Saving Decorative Bark reduces moisture loss from the soil, suppresses weeds and decorates borders, containers and paths.

Explore our Levington® range of products

Looking for soil or treatment to improve your soil? Levington® offer a range of different products to boost your garden soil - whether you're looking to encourage growth in plants and flowers, suppress weeds, or more.