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Patio Magic Product Range

Patio Magic!® product range

Patio Magic!® kills and controls green mould and algae on all outdoor hard surfaces. Patios, driveways, masonry, and other outdoor hard surfaces can all benefit from Patio Magic!'s easy to use products - no scrubbing or pressure washing necessary.

Simply apply and leave to dry

Patio Magic!® products are biodegradable, long lasting, and don't contain any bleach or acids.
Brintons® Patio Magic!® is a dynamic hard surface cleaner that kills and controls green mould and algae.
Brintons® Patio Magic!® Ready To Use Spray with Power Sprayer is a battery operated Power Sprayer applicator that cleans hard outdoor surfaces.

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Patio Magic!® is a dynamic algaecidal detergent which works without the need for manual scrubbing or pressure-washing – and it takes just minutes to apply! Pressure-washing takes a surprising amount of time and often roughens surfaces, thereby encouraging rapid algal re-growth. Patio Magic!® is the easy hassle-free alternative.