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Miracle-Gro® Magic Start™ Double Action Planting Mix

Miracle-Gro® Magic Start Double Action Planting Mix takes the guess work out of growing!  Two of the main reasons you do not achieve great growing results are:

  • A lack of nutrients in the soil
  • Problem soil e.g. heavy clay or sandy soils which have poor drainage.

This unique double action planting mix guarantees great results by feeding plants and improving the soil around them.  It is an all in one balanced feed - fast acting with an instant boost of 10 nutrients.  Plus a smart release feed that provides complete nutrition for 6 months ensuring healthy growth and beautiful blooms.  It is a soil improver suitable for all soil types.  Its unique Aquacoir® fibres change the structure of the soil allowing the optimum conditions for plants to develop and thrive. 



Providing Essential Nutrients For Plants
Water, air and soil are essential components to ensure plants get the nutrients they need. Read our handy guide here.
The Ultimate Guide To Plant Feeding

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