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Tomorite Product Range

Tomorite® Product Range

The high-potash formula  of Tomorite® produces large crops of top quality, full flavoured tomatoes. The high potash content means it is also ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants, including all fruiting vegetables (aubergines, peppers, cucumbers), ornamentals and all pot plants.

Grow juicy, tasty tomatoes at home

Tomorite® claims its well deserved place as the UK's favourite plant food for tomatoes.
Levington Tomorite® Liquid Concentrate is always a welcome plant food for tomatoes - as well as other fruiting vegetables and flowering pot plants.
Levington Tomorite® Giant Planter with Seaweed is a deeper, thicker planter for better growth, enriched with added seaweed for full flavoured tomatoes.
Tomorite® Pour & Feed is based on the bestselling Levington® Tomorite® formulation. It is a ready to use tomato food – no need to dilute – just pour and feed!

Explore our Tomorite® product range

If you're looking to grow the juiciest, tastiest tomatoes imaginable, then look no further than the Levington Tomorite® range. But it's not just tomatoes that benefit from Tomorite® - other fruiting vegetables, ornamentals, and pot plants will be vying to get a taste too!