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Weedol® Lawn Weedkiller Liquid Concentrate

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By Geoff Hodge, Botanical Expert (BSc, MCIHort)
Weedol Lawn 250ml Carton 019383

Selective liquid concentrate weedkiller provides economical control of large areas of lawn weeds.

One treatment controls most common broad-leaved lawn weeds in one annual application without harming the grass.

Effectively kills most lawn weeds, including the problem weeds such as white clover, black medick, lesser trefoil, daisy, dandelion, plantain and common mouse-ear

This specially formulated selective weedkiller controls broad-leaved weeds that invade lawns and ‘suffocate’ the grass. Use on all established lawns and grassy areas in late spring or early summer. Weeds will wilt, turn brown and die within 4 - 6 weeks. Weedol Lawn Weedkiller removes the competition and allows grass to thrive and spread.

This easy mix liquid concentrate formulation contains 3 different selective weedkillers to give easy control of most common lawn weeds from one application. The most common culprits include dandelions, daisies, white clover and plantains. Controlling them is relatively easy, but there are a host of other plants with smaller leaves that are less easily controlled with ordinary lawn weedkiller treatments. That’s where Weedol Lawn Weedkiller scores extra points because it will give good control of these problem weeds, such as lesser trefoil (yellow suckling clover), black medick (a small leaved clover), common mouse-ear chickweed, yarrow, parsley-piert and the blue flowering speedwell.

Dilute in water in your own pressure sprayer or a watering can fitted with a very fine rose and apply over the whole lawn. Treat new lawns that are at least 2 months established. Children and pets can play on the treated lawn once the spray has dried.

Weedol Lawn Weedkiller replaces Verdone Extra.

Weedol Lawn 250ml Carton 019383

250ml - 165m2

View Label (PDF) (1.56 MB)
Weedol Lawn 500ml Carton 019196

500ml - 330m2

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Weedol Lawn Weedkiller Concentrate 1L 018022

1 Litre - 667m2

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Weedol® Lawn Weedkiller Liquid Concentrate


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Better contact with smaller leaved weeds than a dry granule weed killer, quicker and easier to apply.


The weeds do start to grow bigger quite quickly before they die, but this is how the products works - weeds die of exhaustion due to sudden rapid growth.

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Available at all good garden retailers. Or give us a call for up-to-date stockist information on: 01483 410210

User reviews


Kills grass as well


Reviewed 26 Jul 2015

The first time I used this product it has killed the grass in a 12 inch circumference around the weed. I have emailed the manufacturer, but have had no reply!

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Vicky Page

Hi Harry, as with all garden products it is important to apply strictly at the dose and area coverage instructed on pack. It sounds like you have accidently over applied the product and this in turn has scorched the grass around the weed. This product is not for spot treating weeds, you need to evenly apply the mixture over a set area. You may well find that the grass will grow back, only if you severely over apply should you see the grass roots die off.  This product only targets the growth hormone of broad-leaved weeds, it simply cannot work on the growth hormone of grasses, so if you are seeing grass damage it does suggest that the product was applied too heavily and the blades of the grass have been scorched.   You can re-seed any damaged areas 8 weeks after application, seed when the ground is nice and warm. 



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