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Read our expert reviews of the latest products from some of the top brands in the world of gardening...

Miracle-Gro Bone Meal 1.5kg 018144
Miracle-Gro Bone Meal Root Builder is a slow-release, long-lasting plant food and natural root builder for use all around the garden, including in the...
Miracle-Gro Bulb Fibre 20L 016434
Miracle-Gro Bulb Fibre Enriched Compost is a specially formulated premium peat free compost enriched with Miracle-Gro Plant Food. It is perfect for growing...
Roundup Gel 150ml 018993
Roundup® Gel is an entirely new weedkiller that makes weed control, particularly in awkward places - simple!
EverGreen Extreme Green 80m Carton
EverGreen Extreme Green produces a superior deeper lawn greening after just 3 days, which lasts for weeks.
RoseClear Ultra Gun 1L 017681
Systemic protection and control of most common pests and diseases on roses and other flowering and ornamental plants.
SlugClear Ultra 3 685g 100094
New for 2016! Ultra³ pellets act as a bait, efficiently reducing the damage caused by slugs and snails, with one application lasting for up to 10 days outdoors...
Miracle-Gro Orchid Mist Liquid Spray Bottle 100058
Orchids are tropical plants and benefit from a higher humidity. A regular application with Miracle-Gro Orchid Mist stimulates growth and flowering and improves...
Miracle-Gro Compost Maker 3.5kg 018159
Miracle-Gro Compost Maker helps make a dark, nutrient-rich compost when recycling garden and kitchen plant waste.
Weedol Gun! Rootkill Plus 5L 018164
Convenient pre-diluted ready-to-use sprayers. Kills weeds down to the roots so they won't come back.
Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Food 100m Carton 015187
The start of a year-round lawn care programme designed to give the ultimate in lawn care technology.

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